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What our Students say

  1. Thank you Good Drivers special thx to Milad my in-car teacher he was so patient and I passed my G2 first time. The classroom was sooooo informative thank-you Monika & Dal.
    Rhea Charangth

  2. Everything about the course was great! The instructors were really nice and made the class enjoyable. I would not have learnt the things I did if I did not take the course.

    Maria Rao, Rick Hansen Secondary School

  3. " This course offers a large amount of crucial information and knowledge needed to become a safe and responsible driver. The course itself involves a fair bit of note taking and writing but really helped me learn more about driving. It was not as boring and easy as many people say in-class sessions are. I liked the instructor (Monika) for this course. She made information interesting by providing her own personal experience and insight related to what we were learning. I also felt that Monika knew the course very well and therefore she was able to explain it in a very clear and concise manner."
    Jeremy Vierhout, St. Gonzaga High School

  4. This was a very informative and educational course that taught me a lot about driving that I did not know. It is amazing how much I learned within the 4 day course. I am glad I took this course because I have learned much more than I would have without it and I suggest that anyone going to get their licence should take this course beforehand. I have learned much more than I expected and enjoyed it. I liked that it was condensed into 4 days, this was very convenient for me because I have already waited 2 years to do this so I wanted to get it over with. The location was also convenient for me. Great in-class instructor.
    Jahmila Dawkins, Sheridan College

  5. "I would tell my friends and family that this course is informative, interesting, and prepares you for what is expected on the road. This course teaches you how to become a more defensive and smart driver, always being cautious about everything. Taking this course informs you about driving tips you would not have known otherwise. What I liked most about the course is how everyone had to get involved somehow; either by reading or sharing answers. I liked how it was a smaller class because there was  more student interaction."
    Andrea Ivancic, St. Joan of Arc

  6. "The flexibility offered for classroom made it easy for me (a working, single mother) to complete this course. The staff is knowledgeable and passionate about driving!"
    Jacqueline Johnson

  7. "What I liked about the course: great instructor, cost, class format. I liked how the sessions are scheduled- the date flexibility allowed me to take the course and still make it to my friends wedding!"
    Edwina Law

  8. "What I liked about this course is how they make you write on colourful book. This book will help us novice drivers in achieving the skills we need to become defensive drivers. The driving instructors give you more wider knowledge and teach your things you never learned in your life that will help you. It is enjoyable and I come with a smile on my face whenever I come to Good Drivers."
    Ayesha Hamid, Father Micheal Goetz.S.School

  9. "I attended the evening classes at this driving school and they were so informative. Monika is a excellent instructor so helpful and answered all my questions made me feel really comfortable. My in-car instructor was Deepak and he was a great instructor so patient and friendly, he never yelled at me and gave me very clear instructions and he is so funny.  I got my G2 first try at Eto. Thanks to Deepak & Monika."
    Lauren Baig

  10. Loved this program thanks to Navi my in-car instructor. In-class was excellent so much fun!

                                                                                                                         Dhonna Wastisu, St.Francis Xavier  

  11. Very comprehensive teacher (Sarita) was friendly and made the in-class fun and excellent. She shared lots of real life experiences and tips beyond course requirements I really liked her teaching.

    Matthew Sison

  12. Great school, fast service thank you for getting my road test booked so quickly. My in-car instructor was very friendly (Rita) and helpful I passed my test 1st try. In-class was long but very helpful and I am so glad I took the whole course thx Dal for the inclass training.

    Brianna Della

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