Welcome to Good Drivers Brampton

In-Class Curriculum

Good Drivers classroom sessions are both beneficial and worthwhile. Classes are interactive and consist of open discussions, informative presentations, and visual dynamic images that make material simple to learn. We also invite professional insurance brokers to give our students better awareness and understanding on how to attain affordable insurance rates. Begin our program now with just a $200 initial payment!

  • Sessions 1 & 2
    • Sessions 1

      Graduated licensing system
      Demerit point System
      Law enforcements

      Sessions 2

      Signs, Signals and marking
      Circle check/adjustments
      Attitude check/vehicle instruments
      Get acquainted with your vehicle

  • Session 3 & 4
    • Session 3

      Cooperative driving
      High risk drivers
      Driver behaviors
      Teenage drivers
      Driver behaviours
      Road rage
      The driving task
      Minimizing risk

      Session 4

      Space management
      Visual perception

  • Session 5& 6
    • Session 5

      Complex left and right turns
      Special city conditions
      Maneuvering your vehicle

      Session 6

      Freeway driving
      Rural driving
      Collisions vs. accidents
      Dealing with accidents
      Driving emergencies
      Dangerous driving
      Street racing

  • Session 7 & 8
    • Session 7

      Prevention of drinking and driving
      Consequences of criminal offences
      Driving distractions

      Session 8

      Night driving
      Driving in bad weather
      Winter driving and skid control
      Fuel efficiency and car maintenance
      Car insurance (Presentation by insurance broker)
      Road test preparation

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